Second Visit – Chiropractic

What to Expect on Your Second Visit to Your Chiropractor in Moree?


On your second visit to the Jun Chiropractic in Moree, typically about 25 minutes in duration, your chiropractor will explain what information was discovered from your first visit. If X-rays were taken, you will be walked through each of these with an explanation of how your spine looks in relation to what we would expect to see in a textbook normal scenario, but more importantly, how this relates to the problem you have come in to the clinic for. There may be a lot of information to take in, but we believe that a thorough understanding of the problem is beneficial to you getting the best possible outcome.

Your Adjustment

The Chiropractor will also discuss how you responded to your first adjustment from the first visit. This gives vital information on where you are in your healing process

Please remember that this is only one component that can contribute to a very early indication of prognosis.

If it is appropriate to continue with your care, we will do so.

Your Chiropractor will make specific recommendations as to the most appropriate action to take in correcting your condition. You will have the opportunity to question and discuss your case and communicate your health goals so we can understand your priorities.

This will include the scheduling frequency of adjustments, and may involve some home care recommendations and exercises also. The basis of these recommendations includes the expected healing time for the injured tissues involved in your particular situation, functional capacity as tested in your physical examination during your first visit, your age, pain severity and duration, and the presence of any other complicating factors such as degenerative changes or other pathology.

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