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What to Expect on Your First Visit to Your Chiropractor in Moree?

A warm welcome is number one on our list; we know only too well that you are likely to be a little apprehensive at your first visit to a chiropractor; not knowing what to expect can often make any of us a little nervous. However, with Jun Chiropractic, your Chiropractor in Moree, the moment you enter our warm, friendly environment you will be made to feel totally at ease.

This visit is usually about 30 minutes.

On arrival, after greeting you by name, there will be a small amount of paperwork to fill out that we can find out how we can best help you.

Comprehensive History & Exam

Once your new patient forms are completed, the Chiropractor will take a comprehensive history to collect relevant information and conduct comprehensive physical examination to investigate your spine with Chiropractic. This include postural assessment, range of movement evaluation, palpation (feeling the problem areas), muscle tests and orthopedic tests.

X-rays may be needed

If necessary, the Chiropractor may also refer you for x-rays to provide more detailed information about a specific condition.



Once all diagnostic procedures are completed, combining all this information gives us a clearer picture to be able to deliver the best possible recommendations for your health and commence your care if it is appropriate to do so.

If chiropractic care is the right choice for you, your Chiropractor in Moree may give you your first adjustment. You can be confident that, before this happens, we will talk to you about your proposed care, the available alternatives and any potential risks associated with our recommendations.

The more you understand about the chiropractic process, the better the results are likely to be. We will also talk to you about our recommendations for your second visit and regular visit.




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